No need to say goodbye.

I have been thinking about this for quite a time. It has been hard, a hard decision. I'm taking my leave from Hogwarts. I'm not quitting roleplaying so if you want to keep in touch with me, leave a message asking for my other account, I will gladly tell you. I'm not gonna deactivate this account and delete it without mercy because it means a lot to me, more than you think. I will keep this profile and laugh at our madness and beautiful moments. This was my first kpop roleplay, I had my first experience at everything here: My character feel in love, got her heart broken, started to love again, made friends, the best friends she could ever made. She laughed and cried, got stressed and smiled. I'm grateful.

As a roleplayer, I have made friends, I will never ever forget (we are going to keep talking okay niqqas, gimme your other accounts, I'm waiting) I'm taking my leave because I can't take this account anymore, it has been hard the last few weeks and also in my last year of college, the work is increasing. I want to leave the Leehi spot to someone who can update it properly. I still have a letter for each one of you, I don't even know if this will fit here. I will reveal all the secrets of my character here 'cause yolo: She had a crush on Tao before she started to date Ricky and Chanyeol since she meet him, okay done.

Gongchan's typist: I really loved your character, like a lot. He was so cute and they were so cute together that I cried and curled into a ball at their cheese. I still have you on kakao. I hope we can keep talking somehow because /feels/ I still want to travel to Japan /o/

Kris's typist: You are forever my favorite, seriously. I know you are roleplaying somewhere else niqqa, you better tell me where because I will stalk you until you die. I love you really, you are such a sunshine I won't lie about it and i hate you because you didn't make Krizy happen. DISHONOR ON YOU.

Chanyeol's typist: You are such a sweetheart, your typist also your character. Leehi had a forever crush on you /coughs/ Like really... I love you, I want to keep talking to you too, since we are friends.

D.O. and Luhan typists: I'm happy you are still pulling your relationship even having such a high difference in your timezone, D.O. I love you. Your cherish personality was always shining my days here and they will always do. I want to keep in touch with you, I can't let this go like this.


Wooyoung and Zelo typist: See you on kakao ;---)

Kai, Minho and everyone else: You made me smile every single interaction with you was priceless. Picasso, Abs... please let's keep in touch too.

Alex a.k.a. Ricky's typist: We will keep talking sweetie, at our personals. Because yolo.

To everyone out of the directory who I have made a bond: I keep talking with most of you which is amazing, I'm seriously grateful with everyone at this list: 

# Puppy husband
# Squishy husband
# Fab. Luhan
# My favgirl
# My pkmn trainer
# Lovely Bunnie
# Stalkeable Lulu
# Flying Dragon
# My peanut Unicorn
# Lovely Peanut Unicorn
# Mine forever (we have to I miss you so much)

You better ask for my other account niqqas. And this is all. I wanted to keep it long but since is not a goodbye, it's more like a "See you soon" because I know we will keep talking. If you want to add me into facebook or twitter, ask for the info I will keep checking my inbox just in case. And this is it. I love you all. I love Hogwarts and most of all, all the memories here. Thanks to the admins for having me and giving me the chance to fix the theme ;) KRIS YOU FUCKER I WILL KEEP STALKING YOUR ASK YOU BETTER GIVE ME ANOTHER WAY TO FIND YOU BECAUSE U SUCK MAN.

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Well… I should sleep ‘cause I have classes tomorrow. OTL. Night.